Analysis of tunneled traffic

IPv6, Monitoring, Networking @Campus network monitoring workshop

Traditional firewall techniques usually permit traffic according to IP addresses or port numbers. More advanced firewalls inspect even packet’s payload – e.g. http traffic. However, neither of these techniques is sufficient when dealing with IPv6 transition techniques. An attacker can easily avoid a security policy in a network by using … Read More

Matej GregrAnalysis of tunneled traffic

Flow Based Monitoring of IPv6

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, , IPv6, Monitoring, Networking @Campus network monitoring workshop

Protocol IPv6 puts new challenges for network administrators in the context of user identification. Unlike IPv4, an IPv6 address no longer uniquely identifies a user or PC. IPv6 address can be randomly generated and keeps changing in time. The presentation describes the system developed at the Brno University of Technology, … Read More

Tomas PodermanskiFlow Based Monitoring of IPv6