Following statistics are gathered on the external lines of the CESNET network. The measuring platform is operated by Liberouter project. More statistics are available on the following page The data is collected on the inbound and outbound directions on the following lines:

  • ACCONET (Austria)
  • SANET (Slovakia)
  • PIONIER (Poland)
  • AMS-IX (Holland)
  • NIX.CZ (the Czech Republic)
  • GEANT2
  • Public Internet


IPv4 and IPv6 traffic on the CESNET external lines

Ratio of IPv6 traffic

This graph shows the ratio between IPv4 and IPv6 traffic in CESNET network.
The number is computed as follows

  • IPv6 traffic ratio = IPv6 traffic / (IPv4 traffic + IPv6 traffic) * 100

Tomas PodermanskiIPv6 @ CESNET network