Deploying IPv6 – practical problems from the campus perspective

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On February 2011, IANA has run out of IPv4 addresses. On April 2011, APNIC pool reached the final /8 IPv4 address block. Projected address pool exhaustion for other RIRs varies from the beginning of the 2012 to the end of 2014. This situation pushes organizations to think about transition to IPv6. Unfortunately IPv4 and IPv6 are incompatible protocols that make the transition more difficult and raise new security issues. This paper shares experiences of deploying IPv6 in the university campus network, describes the most significant troubles that we have been faced with and describes the best practices in the practical IPv6 deployment. The article discusses differences in IPv6 and IPv4 networks with focus on the first hop security, autoconfiguration (SLAAC, DHCP, DHCPv6) and different client’s support.

Tomas PodermanskiDeploying IPv6 – practical problems from the campus perspective