Virtualisation of Critical Network Services – Best Practice Document


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This document describes a way to virtualise the number of network servers that are required for the operation of a large campus network. These servers provide services, including DHCP, DNS, VPN, email, network monitoring, and radius. Most of these services are so important that the network must operate two or … Read More

Vladimír ZáhoříkVirtualisation of Critical Network Services – Best Practice Document

IPv6 Configuration on HP ProCurve Switches


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New firmware for HP ProCurve switches was released on 15th November 2010. With this step, the manufacturer removed a significant shortcoming of the ProCurve switches – no full support for the IPv6 protocol. Partial IPv6 support was already introduced in earlier versions, but only for device management and filtering (ACL). Version K.15 brings IPv6 routing support in hardware with all features, including support of the OSPFv3 routing protocol. This firmware was released for the L3 switches series 54xx, 81xx – i.e., all switches with the “K” letter in their firmware name. The release number of the new version is 15 (K.15). The current document presents a detailed look at the implementation of IPv6 support. Giving examples, it will be shown that IPv6 configuration is not very complicated. Since for many people practical use of IPv6 is still unknown territory, some differences from IPv4 will be described in more detail below. Management and syntax of IPv6 commands copy the Cisco philosophy to a large degree. Yet, there are some small differences. The procedures below definitely do not represent all IPv6 possibilities in the K.15 firmware or IPv6 configuration possibilities, but are merely a manual to put IPv6 into production on these switches easily and quickly.

Vladimír ZáhoříkIPv6 Configuration on HP ProCurve Switches